Black 2012 Ford Expedition EL SUV

Now this is a house on wheels. While Priuses and Mini Coopers may serve to satisfy the transportation needs of wispy college graduates, a different class of vehicle quickly becomes necessary as children begin to accrete and demand food, furniture and toys as quickly as they break or consume them. If you want all the space of a van without the air of frumpiness, we humbly suggest the newest version of the most exceptionally enormous SUV in production: the 2012 Ford Expedition EL SUV. With this car, the challenge will be filling it – the thing seems to be bigger inside than it is outside, like some physics-bending alien spaceship. Anything bigger, and you would need a trucker’s license.

The 2012 Ford Expedition EL SUV is available for sale with options from Koons Ford, Maryland’s premier Ford dealer.